I'd like to know more.  Can I reach out? 

Yes, here you go.  Steve Boelte.  sboelte@msn.com  or (434) 374-2774.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

What is a bad day for you?

Obviously, when my wife is unhappy.  Unhappy customers can make for a bad day, too.  Bad weather doesn't help.  When a job goes smoothly, things are getting done on time, and the craftsmanship is extraordinary.  When the craftsmanship is off, the work gets taken down and we start over.  Last minute changes or miscommunication bring about the same result.  Good communication between the homeowner and myself keeps a job on course.  There is just no substitute.    Call me, email me, text me.  Let's just keep talking to each other until I deliver the result you want.   I expect great results.  Anything less is a bad day.

How do you get paid?

When I quote your home, it is a firm quote.  Of course, we'll need to discuss any changes or upgrades that are added as we go, but there will be no surprises.  Most often I help my customers secure a construction loan, so when it is time for a payment, it is generally approved by the bank and transferred to my company.

Steve, if you were building a home, what would you look for in a builder?

First, I would want to make sure that he or she was financially responsible.  I'd check to see if there were any bankruptcy filings or published complaints, and of course it would be important that my contractor had good credit. 

Second, I'd be interested in viewing their work.  A successful contractor will often have customers who are willing to show off their new homes, so I'd ask for a tour.  I think rapport is important.  I need to know that I can communicate with my builder, and that we genuinely like each other.  I want to know that the person building my dream gets me.

Who are you?

Husband, Dad, Contractor, Football Fan and Sportsman.  Every day I am amazed and humbled at what I have yet to learn and the opportunities that await me.

Steve Boelte

Absolute Contracting and Development, Inc.